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Alexander Soni

We ordered Chicken with Leek and Celery along with Prawn Water Chestnut Dimsum in Red Curry, both dish were outstanding and its recommended as a must try preparation from this place. We will definitely order from this place very soon.

Amit Seth

Ordered dim sums in green curry the other day and then must say i have never had anything quite like it. Brilliant! Egg hakka noodles were fantastic. I had placed a special request for less spicy dishes for my children and they followed it to the t. They loved the fish in White garlic sauce. Packing was good and the delivery was bang on time. Ive become a fan.

Anuradha SinGh

New Chinese restaurant in Gurgaon. Loved the chicken coriander dimsums and can't wait to try each and every kind on their menu. I love Chinese food and am extremely happy that there is a new place that serves the classic Chinese dishes as well something and exciting to try. Going to be my go to place .... perfect for stay at home cosy meal.

Manvi Sharma

One can enjoy food only in Good Mood but I assure you that this Restaurant will change your mood by Simply serving the Authentic Chinese Food. It's a New Restaurant but you can feel the amount of efforts and research which the owners must have put in while deciding the Menu, their Chefs , Ingredients etc etc etc.. If you are fond of Chinese Food, I suggest, just go once and you will enjoy the mouth watering dishes. We went to this Restaurant on Saturday evening and thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese Cuisine. Most of the Restaurants are serving the Chinese food cooked in Indian style however, this Restaurant stand apart and we all enjoyed everything. I wish them Success for Future. Simply Superb, Well Managed, Sure to visit them Again & Again!!! Best Wishes, Sachin

Ashish Pratap Singh

Ordered for the first time from this new kid on the block and I was taken aback by their quality and taste. It was really good. Ordered chicken broth which was flavourful and quite good. Dimsums in Thai green curry were the winner of the night. Kudos!! Kung pao chicken was just the right flavour and the outlet is giving free hakka noodles, which were pretty good too.

Palak Japlot

Fabulous! We ordered Veg. Hakka Noodles, Veg. Sui Mai in Green Curry, Honey Chilli Potatoes for home delivery. Impressive packaging and the portion size is also decent. Also, their Fruit Beer is a delight! Definitely, a more-than-one-time outlet to order food from! :)


Recently tried this joint on a friend's recommendation. Delivery was within 20 minutes and the food was hot and fresh. The food has been so delicious and cost effecient that I've ordered it 3 nights in a row! Over the course of the 3 days, I tried the chicken coriander dimsums in green curry and in red curry, prawn with water chestnuts dimsums and chicken sui mai. In addition, had the veg fried rice and prawns in hot garlic. Would have preferred the prawns to be a little spicier. Portions are fantastic and food is tremendous value for money. Enjoy!

Shashank Chauhan

Ordered for chicken Sui mai dimsums in green curry(never had it before but a fan now), chicken with leeks and celery and chilly garlic prawns. Everything was perfectly cooked and well balanced. The quality of chicken and prawns were top notch. Way to go guys 👍

Shruti Sharma

Amazing food! Love the chilly chicken and the prawn dumplings are to die for! Super light and very well balanced meals. My fav place to order from!

Vikram Singh

Lovely little place that has newly opened in super Mart. Ordered for chicken lollipops, chilly chicken, Kung pao chicken and veg Hakka noodles. Lollipops were perfect and the batter was just right in terms of thickness and taste. Chilly chicken too was excellent in taste and chilly content. Hakka noodles were very nicely done. Good work guys! Will order again soon.


Good food... sufficient quantity... delivery was timely... good value for money.. ordered the chicken dimsums and schwezan chicken meal and it was good value for money... would definitely recommend

Mayank Chauhan

Stumbled upon this new Chinese takeaway on Zomato and ordered to try their offerings and man was I surprised! Their dim sums in Thai red curry are fantastic. Even their golden fried prawns were crispy and delectable. Their Kung pao chicken was nicely spicy and I paired it with egg Hakka noodles. Simply awesome! Keep up the good work guys.

Pranav Sood

A hidden gem in the heart of Gurgaon , the food we ordered arrived on time was piping hot and delicious to boot. Would highly recommend their chefs twist on dimsums which involves them being served in either a green or red curry . The other dishes we ordered included the gravy chilli chicken , hot garlic fish and the chicken lollipops which were great too. Because this joints just recently opened they're offering free noodles upon ordering any main course which makes this restaurant all the more attractive , so do hit them up as soon as possible

Vrinda Sharma

Amazing, freshly prepared mouth watering Chinese food. Menu has a lot of variety. Dimsums in red sauce must be tried. Full marks on hygiene. Cheers

Manika Singh

Yesterday went to the noodle company the food was awesome , reasonably priced as well .. their meal in a box is just the right potion for one person to enjoy their meal to the fullest .. it will definitely be one of my choices to order when at work .. super convenient and non messy ..


I have never been a fan of food in Gurgaon even though I am there every second day for work. And that's when a friend suggested about the noodle company. An offspring, but they can concot some amazing dishes. Tried their Hong Kong veg meal in a box along with their varied varieties of dimsums. Impressive food and quick service!

Manu Arora

Big impact in a small locale!! The noodle company is a great new place in town for good asian cuisine.. with some nice innovative dos... the pan fried momos were a very pleasant surprise with a delectable combination of fillings.. great taste and perfect condiments which one normally doesn't find at most of the outlets!!! the freshness in the veggies and the crispness to the perfect level was a delight in the stir fried dishes.... not to miss the signature FRUIT BEER!! cheers guys

Gayatri Sood

Going out on a limb and ordering from this new Chinese place around the corner not only satisfied our taste buds but left us wanting more. The Noodle Company may be new but it certainly knows how to reel in it's customers with it's wide variety of curry dimsums which are just too good to be true! At first we were wary as we had never before encountered such a concept but we're so glad we tried them, the red curry dimsums soon became a favorite! But their menu is far more diverse than just dimsums (which are pretty diverse among themselves), the chicken lollipops are a must try and the chilly garlic fish is to die for. After eating dimsum after dimsum non stop, their fruit beer is the perfect drink to cool down. I would definitely rely on The Noodle Company when I'm in need of some good, hearty, authentic Chinese food and encourage everyone to try them out!

Aditya Machado

We ordered from this place yesterday and trust this outlet has one of the most authentic asian taste! They have a good variety to order from like Kung Pao Chicken, Hakka Noodle, Chicken Coriander Dim Sum. The packing was good and was delivered on time!

Suneet P

Ordered​ from here without much expectations. But their preparation really blew my mind. You have to try the honey chili potatoes here. Loved the wantons and the veg Hakka noodles too. Yummy food. Will definitely try their meal in a box for lunch next time.

Raahul Sharma

Fantastic little gem of a place for better tasting Chinese than most places in gurgaon. Newly opened to n phase 4, I ordered online for the first time day before and I must say that their dim sums are awesome. The best I've had outside of fine dining. Dim sums in Thai green curry were quite unique and tasted great. Kung pao chicken had just the right spices and flavours. Loved it and will be ordering again soon.

Tarishi Khanna

Tried this new place in DLF Phase 4. And I am so glad I did. Gurgaon was craving for an amazing Asian place. And boy do they deliver! I have never tried dimsums with Thai curry before. And I am a fan now. Their noodles and gravy are amazing as well. Definitely going to keep ordering.

Mrinali Kaul

I ordered the Hong Kong vegetables meal box..it was nicely delivered in a compact box and the portion was more than sufficient! Awesome taste and superior quality!! Must try! The sauce was amazing and totally enjoyed my meal!

Garima Sharma

Impeccable is the word for this place. The noodle company is here to make a mark with really amazing variety in the menu, absolutely delicious food with authentic flavors. We ordered veg dimsums in red gravy, veg hakka noodles with veg machurian and everything had a delightful taste. Firstly the dimsums were so well cooked, good filling and yummy curry, couldn't stop myself from finishing even the last piece before I could try anything else. Now coming to hakka noodles it was nice with machurian with exotic flavours. Portion size is good, so is the packing and quick service is what adds to the browny points. Great experience it is trying this yummy outlet and definitely worth trying over and over again 👍👍👍


Went to this really tiny place in DLF Phase 4 super Mart 1 called the noodle company .. Had the chicken fried wontons, chilli garlic noodles and Asian broth .. it was amazing.. tasted fantastic and value for money for sure ..

Kaushik Banerjee (foodandtravel.in)

One of my favorite cuisine is Chinese and Pan asian. But sometimes the authentic chinese become to much blunt for us like Spice lover Indians. That's why Chinese food with some Indian flavor is always happy go for me! And the best to judge the Indian chinese food is Hakka noddles with Chilli chicken gravy! Take a bow The noodle company! You have impressed with simple yet tasty and delicious Asian dishes on my first try here. It is a newly opened venture at DLF phase 4 , Gurgaon. I opted their home delivery option for a sumptuous dinner on a weekday. Delivery was prompt, good packing and enough amount of food against a very reasonably pricing are some of the 13 reasons why I will order from here again soon. Chicken coriander dimsums was the best of all dimsums, juicy and soft. Prawn and water chestnut dimsum need some improvement though, it was little dry. Chicken sui mai was also taste nice with its yummy fillings. Veg hakka noodles with its immortal pair chilli chicken gravy are the recommended one. Noodle was perfect and the chicken gravy was not very spicy so that everybody can enjoy. Enough amount of chicken morsels were there. Forget to mention the chilli fish dry. Crispy deep fried fish fillets are the ultimate appetizer for a simple meal or a party night. Its another recommended one. Overall satisfied with my order at the noodle company. Will order from here soon! instagram.com

Gupta Gaurav

Finding an asian food place has become a teadious job for food lover as new players who are entering in this section does not either serve taste or hygienic food. Asian food has been on the last of my list due to this reason. This time friends to go for this segment. I was not in a mood to say yes, but i had to just to accompany my friends and thank god they ordered it from THE NOODLE COMPANY. A newly open food outlet for food lovers and if you want to try new outlets then you should first go for this one. They really serve an amzing variety and kickass taste. Prices are also within your pocket which flow in mind of indian people. I tasted following items(non veg items were tasted by my friend and reviews for those items on his behalf): chicken coriander dimsums in red curry- this was the best item of the day. spicy and full of aromatic flavour. chicken keema hot garlic- a chicken keema with garlic. Marinated chicken minced with lot of masalas.......Yummy!!! egg hakka noodles- This is nothing but noodles with egg but this time, noodles are hakka noodles. hong kong vegetables- This one was new to taste that afternoon. vegetables with sauces seems easy but little different. You must try it if you love asian food. chilly paneer- Ahwwwww..... dont tell me you dont know about taste of this item. It is only chilly paneer and does not leave to go for wild guess. All in all a must try option and you would surely enjoy its flavours. ....Yummy..... gauravreview.wordpress.com

Keny Singha

I loved the chilli paneer and the combo that comes with every main course. The room is tiny but very comfy and welcoming. The host is very helpful, welcoming and warm. You must try this place.

FoodieFromDelhi 123

I ordered for dinner from this place for the first time and I'm glad I did try it out. The delicious food has made sure I keep coming back to them. The food was delivered hot in well sealed boxes and within the promised time. All the dishes were properly cooked. The quality and quantity truly complimented each other according to the prices charged. I ordered for CRYSTAL CHICKEN DIMSUMS-  Quite aromatic. Loved the filling. Do try this. CHILLI CHICKEN- not very spicy. Was cooked to perfection. The chicken pieces were soft and tender. HONEY CHILLI POTATO- crispy and fresh. Thoroughly enjoyed it till the last bite. VEG FRIED RICE- This was also quite well done and a great combination with chilli chicken. I overall enjoyed my meal. Ordering again, soon.

Kariba Kohli

The chicken dimsums in the Thai red and green curry are mind blowing, never anywhere have I had such dimsums..no 7 star or 5 star hotel has ever come up with such an amazing recipe... Chicken Sui mai is also very juicy and soft as hell, spectacular stuff.. All in all, it's more than value for your money bcoz even the portions are unreal...much more than any other restaurant, very generous I'd say.. Kariba kohli

Bhavini Singh

And I'm going to start this review by saying that this place has the most amazing crystal dumplings in green Thai curry sauce. They were DELICIOUS!!!! A special mention to the golden fried prawns. They were out of the world (crispy and hot) when we received it. The best by far for take away. This little hidden place has the most amazing and innovative menu for dumplings. A must try for all the dumpling addicts. I'm already a fan 😁

Rupali Madhok

I tried out this new place the day I was craving for dimsums. They have a wide range of curry dimsums that are not served by any other place in Gurgaon. I tried their chicken dimsums in green curry and fell il love with them. The dimsums were freshly made, stuffed with soft minced chicken and topped with delicious green curry. This is a must order ! The chicken lolly pop was too dry and similar to chicken pakoras. They would have tasted better if coated with a sauce to keep the chicken juicy and less dry. I also tried their Hakka noodles along with chicken manchurian. The noodles were thin and less oily. However, the chicken curry was too hot for me to have. P.S. There was a slight mess up with my delivery but they fixed the same by sending my original order and apologising for the mix up.

Tempting Stoppage

Ordered few dishes from the newly opened outlet in Gurgaon Dlf phase 4. The food was delivered hot in well sealed boxes and at the exact time as they promised . The quality and quantity was just perfect. I ordered for Dimsum and red curry were aromatic, honey  hilly potato were hot and crispy , chicken lollipop lacked flavour  & manchurian was tasty. Recommended.. Odering again soon temptingstoppage.com

Chinar Grover

The newly opened Noodle company in Dlf phase 4 market is another outlet that serves some kickass Chinese and Asian food. After knowing about this new place I decided to order food from this place. The place is so affordable and yes they have huge variety of dimsums and that too not overpriced. I ordered - Veg chilly garlic noodles dimsums chicken lollipop, chicken coriander, Veg hongkong. Everything tasted good. Chilly garlic noodles as the name suggests were spicy and were cooked well. My favourite was chicken lollipop. Prepared to perfection. Packaging - Delivered in spill proof containers ensuring the food is delivered hot and fresh as well. The food was delivered on time. Overall - A great experience with Chinese and Asian food. Would love to try other dishes as well. foodconnectindia.wordpress.com


Stumbled upon this cute little place and in super mart yesterday. Seating is a bit cramped but that's because I is primarily a home delivery and takeaway joint. Tried the seafood broth. Can safely say it was the best I have had in a non fine dining restaurant. Dimsums were succulent and had a good amount of filling. Owners are very helpful and love to chat up with customers. This is something missing nowadays from hospitality. They even called the next day to take my feedback. 2 thumbs up.


Fantastic food and very prompt delivery. Food is fresh and non oily. Loved the dim sums, especially the prawns and water chestnut. Generous portions.

Surbhi Kalra

The Noodle company, the new food place at DLF Phase 4 is am amazing place to try out different variety of Chinese and Asian food. They have amazing varieties of dimsums that you would not find at any other place at this price. Also, Chili Garlic Noodles tasted superb with the right amount of flavor in it. I would definitely recommend Golden Fried Prawns as well. The best part is that the food was not that oily. The food is definitely yummy and worth trying.


Got to know about the noodle cimpany from a friend and ordered food from them last week when i was in gurgaon for some work. I ordered momos, noodles and chicken chilli. Food was delivered with a little delay but it was warm and well packed. Momos arw good and must try. Noodles and the gravy was also satisfactorily good

Chhaya Sharma

Well,to say the least,for a newly opened place,The Noodle Company is way ahead of its game! Food and service both took me by a pleasant surprise. Guess I have a bookmark joint for ordering when those pangs hit high! Here's what I ordered: Veg Hakka Noodles: Fresh and how! The Hakka was how it's authentically supposed to.The sautés were finely chopped and just in the right amount! Chilli chicken: Ok, this one, you'll have to eat to know.To just let u know, I am still salivating. Veg Manchurian: The balls were soaked well in the gravy.It was a pleasant surprise since majority of places we check out rarely ace it.The gravy was a surprising chilly and yummm!!!! Honey chilli potatoes: What makes all the difference in chilli potatoes is the use of the flavour.Too much honey or even too less of it can be damage full but nay nay! Honey and chilli,both are added to the T by TNC and it deserves a bow. Chicken dumplings in red thai sauce: We love dumplings and we love red thai sauce! So when the two combine,it makes up for a gastronomical delight!!! The quantity and delivery time are super satisfactory! TNC,you have a dedicated fan now. Go check em out foodies!

Arjun Kalia

Exceptional Chinese food is something a large number of people yearn for and if it's brought to your doorstep then there's very little left to ask for. The Noodle Company does the job for you and does it quite well. Decided to order in when the Mother wasn't in the mood to cook and they did not disappoint one bit. Skipping the location and ambience bit since I'd ordered for the food. Staff and service - the food was delivered way before time and I'm not complaining about it since we were hungry. Also, their keen interest towards noting down the customer's feedback definitely earns them brownie points. Food and menu - fairly simple order which comprised of a couple of starters and a set of main course dishes. Quantity isn't a cause of worry which makes me move directly to the flavor bit. Appetizers: Veg dimsums in Thai red curry - spectacular Thai curry, I must admit. Coconut strands weren't the best part of the dish and could've been avoided but barring that, just about everything was spot on. From the extent till which the dimsums had been steamed to amount of curry it was dipped in and its flavour, there was just about nothing I could find fault with. Honey chilli potatoes - a little too sweet for my liking so they can probably look to lower the content of honey but the fact that the fries were incredibly crispy and the sliced vegetables were immense in number, it made the overall dish taste well. Main course: Veg haka noodles - not the best I've had. Fairly spicy with an overdose of vegetables wasn't really something I was looking forward to but with manchurian lending its fabulous flavour to it, we weren't left dejected. Veg manchurian - soft manchurian balls with a mildly spicy curry was all that I could've asked for and they served us just that. The fact that it overshadowed/compensated the not-so-pleasing flavour of noodles makes it even better. The bill put us back by something close to the tune of 700/- which isn't particularly expensive. The overall experience was definitely pleasing but the minor glitches should be ironed out in due course of time and I'd expect them to do that considering the eagerness with which they noted down the feedback.


he Packaging was good, food came in standard black sealed boxes which were easy to open. The food arrived fresh and hot. The Delivery time they took was 40 min which is decent. ...


Staff and service - the food was delivered much before time and I'm not complaining about it since we were hungry. Also, their keen interest towards noting down the customer's feedback definitely earns them brownie points. Food and menu - fairly simple order which compromised of aa couple of starters and a set of main course dishes. Quantity isn't a cause of worry which makes me move directly to the flavor bit.

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Ordered food from here today and it turned out good. - The chicken coriander dimsums in green curry are a must try! Order if you like thai flavours - Hakka noodles were thin and not oily. That's how they should be - Kung pao chicken was good taste wise and chicken was well cooked but the spice level should be less - chicken lollipop could be juicier as it was dry Definitely ordering again :D try my recommendations blogsandreviewssite.wordpress.com

Vikram Thakur

Firstly the dimsums were so well cooked, good filling and yummy curry, couldn't stop myself from finishing even the last piece before I could try anything else. Now coming to hakka noodles it was nice with machurian with exotic flavours.